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  The Magical World in the 1970s
Professor Albus Dumbledore
 Posted: Mar 30 2014, 01:27 PM
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Magic in the 1970s


Hogwarts Castle is pretty much timeless, so not too much changes in its foundation. Of course, there are some unfamiliar faces and professors who were not met in the books - and even some originals to fill otherwise-vacated spaces. Professor Kettleburn, for instance, teaches Care of Magical Creatures rather than Rubeus Hagrid, who is the groundskeeper at this point. Sybill Trelawney isn't due to teach Divination until 1979, so at this point, Professor Agnes Mirfield is teaching the course. And, as the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor changes each year, from 1976-1977 it is being taught by Cadmus Skively, an Auror from the Ministry teaching as a favour to Dumbledore; last year, it was taught by Gordon Pivis, who quit just before exams for "mental health reasons" (oh, don't worry, it was none of the students. Peeves couldn't get enough of his surname).

The Marauders have made their map at this point and have not lost it to Filch yet. With this in mind, they discovered seven secret passages out of Hogwarts (and interestingly, failed to find the Room of Requirement).

Secret Passages

  1. Only the Marauders, Snape, and Dumbledore know of the secret passage underneath the Whomping Willow, which leads into the Shrieking Shack in Hogsmeade. It is used for Remus Lupin's monthly transformations into a werewolf.
  2. Other students, however, may be aware of the passage behind the statue of Gregory the Smarmy in the fifth floor corridor. As it is notorious for being relatively easy to find, it is likely that tabs are kept on activity, and a student wishing to use this passage to sneak to Hogsmeade runs the risk of being caught. Likely, it is one of the passages Filch knows about.
  3. There is a large passage behind the mirror in the fourth floor corridor that has yet to be discovered by Filch. It leads to the storage closet in Potage's Cauldron Shop.
  4. By the stairs to the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom, there is a statue of a one-eyed witch. By tapping the statue and casting Dissendium, the hump on the witch opens and will allow access to a passage leading to the cellar of Honeydukes.
  5. If a student is clever enough to figure out the entrance to the kitchens, and if they bother to poke around, they might find that behind the portrait of Jocelin MacGuffin, famous magical masterchef, there is a narrow passage leading to an old shack behind Gladrag's Wizardwear. Students should be careful using this one: Filch is becoming increasingly suspicious of kitchen activity, and Mrs. Norris frequents the corridor more often.
  6. Until January of 1974, students were able to use the entrance behind the tapestry on the sixth floor to get to the caves behind Hogsmeade. However, after a few foxes were drawn into the passage and released into the school as a prank, the entrance was found and sealed.
  7. Sometimes it'd difficult to believe, but there is a secret passage in the library. Yep, you have to pull out the right book to open it. If a student tugs on The Count of Monte Cristo (yes, that book), the bookshelf pulls out just enough on one side and the wall sinks in to expose a passage that leads to the men's loo in Hogsmeade Station. A careless student was almost caught by Madam Pince last year coming back from Hogsmeade, so it is imperative that, if used, it's treated carefully.

Clubs & Creatures

We didn't get to hear about many clubs offered at Hogwarts; from the books, we know of the Slug Club and Gobstones Club, and from other sources such as movies and video games we know of others. As well, we've come up with a few of our own. From art to linguistics, card collection to chess, even a club for young feminists, Hogwarts offers a variety for students to engage in outside of classtime - so long as they don't have conflicting time slots, they can be in as many as they can feasibly handle.

In addition, there is one club that ties in with creatures at Hogwarts: the Riding Club. Now, any student can take a horse out for a ride if they follow proper safety procedures, but the Riding Club is for students with an extra passion for the equestrian sport and who wish to learn more about horse care as well. The stables are where ordinary, non-magical horses are housed, and they can often be seen curiously looking upon the creatures displayed during outdoor Care of Magical Creatures classes.

At this point in time, there are only rumours of a clan of Acromantula residing in the Forbidden Forest. Hagrid knows the truth, of course, but good luck getting it out of him. The basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets has not been considered, and Blast-Ended Skrewts have not yet been bred into existence by Hagrid. Unicorns, centaurs, and various other magical creatures do reside in the Forbidden Forest, however, and any student entering the thick trees should do so with much caution, or they might not come out alive.

The War

Lord Voldemort - better known as You Know Who or He Who Must Not Be Named - is swiftly ascending to power. Muggle families are dying off all over the country, all with no determined cause of death other than looks of agony or terror. Muggle-borns have disappeared only to show up dead months later, or are never seen again. Stories and whispers are spreading of his rising power. There are some rumours that he can control snakes; others believe he has gained the support of giants. There are those who believe he is building an army of Inferi, though as they haven't been seen in hundreds of years, there is certainly a natural hesitancy to believe this one. But it is undeniable: his powers are growing, and so are his followers.

The Ministry

Minister for Magic, Lorcan McLaird, has been given quite a bit of trouble lately. It is difficult, almost impossible, to trust anyone at the Ministry. After one wizard who worked in the Department of Magical Transportation was arrested at the scene of a gruesome Muggle-born family murder, it became apparent that anyone at the Ministry could be working under the Dark Lord. One secretary was recently freed from the grip of an Imperius Curse, but not before she relayed to an unknown Death Eater the home address of an outspoken advocate for Muggle and Muggle-born rights. Things are getting bad, and hope is dwindling that things can get better.

But others have anticipated the worst. The Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, Bartemius Crouch, pushed forward with his proposal, and as of last month it became perfectly legal for Aurors to use Unforgiveable Curses against suspected Death Eaters. Portkey laws have become stricter, and Floo Networks are monitored explicitly for any suspicious activity. There have even been talks of not lifting the Trace until witches and wizards reach twenty, but public outrage has kept this at bay.

What will the world come to? With darkness spreading and murders on the rise, the idea of safety or hope or happiness seems to fade faster and faster. Aurors are doing what they can - or are they? If people in the Ministry can secretly work for the Dark Lord, or can be controlled into doing his bidding, can Aurors really be trusted to protect the innocent against the Dark Lord and his Death Eaters?

The Order of the Phoenix

An exclusive, underground society founded by Albus Dumbledore, the Order of the Phoenix is a new development in the fight against Voldemort. To be personally contacted by Dumbledore, to be invited into this resistance, is a symbol of trust and dedication. It is not just 'those with promise' who become members. He selects those who catch his eye, who have a cause for which to fight, who have a reason to resist the Dark Lord's pull. He selects those from a variety of backgrounds - Muggle-borns, purebloods, half-bloods - and occupations, from Aurors to Healers to Curse-breakers, and even those still in training.

With entrance into the Order of the Phoenix, members must agree to keep quiet about the society's activities. They will be trained in the conjuring of a Patronus, and will learn how to use it to communicate with each other - a nifty trick exclusively taught to members. The Order's numbers are small, yes, but grows. Unfortunately, Voldemort's army is growing five times as fast, and was already larger to begin with. But the Order does not give up hope, and they will continue to fight, no matter what.

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