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    Welcome to I Solemnly Swear! ISS is an active, literate/advanced Marauders-era roleplay based in the Marauders' sixth year. Please sign up with your character's First and Last name in Titlecase (e.g., Lily Evans).

    The beginning of the summer holidays are a much-needed break from the stress of schoolwork, exams, and the like. It has been a difficult year for everyone, what with the dark events happening during term, and the increasing panic and fear outside the school's walls. Now, with a fresh batch of graduates to go face the world, everybody must still be on their guard, because anything might happen, and everyone must be prepared to face it one way or another.

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  Frequently Asked Questions, Please read for more information
Professor Albus Dumbledore
 Posted: Jun 19 2013, 12:45 AM
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Frequently Asked Questions


As mentioned before, we are a fast-paced site that requires activity. Inactivity for us, is:
  • Not logging into any of your accounts for one month
  • No IC posting during that month
  • Too many absence notices withoutany activity in between
We understand RL is very important, but please keep in mind you're also part of an online community!

Activity Check

An Activity Check will normally last two weeks. When an activity check is held, Characters are split into two categories: Safe and Deletion. All characters will initially begin on the Deletion list. It is up to you to post a link to a recent, active full-length thread so that we may move them to the Safe list. At the end of Activity Check, all characters on the Deletion list will be caput.

Absence notes are good and solid for one month only. After that, be prepared for the worst. (dun dun duunn)

Leaving & Coming Back

If you do decide to leave, please post a note in our Absences & Departures board. Be sure we'll miss you! http://i.imgur.com/S5f4PGR.png

If your accounts are retired due to inactivity, but you find time later to come back, please understand that the staff has to take your history into consideration.

  • Returning for a third time: unfortunately, if your accounts have been deleted three times because of inactivity, it shows a lack of commitment and we will not accept another registry.
  • Please note that, while we are generally welcoming of returning members, multiple instances of leaving and returning may lead to limitations on character creation.

    Deleting a Character

    To have a character deleted, please follow the steps below:
    1. Make sure you're serious and certain about deletion.
    2. Clean up what you can concerning the account. Finish any threads/notes/owls, tidy up the tracker and plotter, etc. These cannot be edited once the character is deleted.
    3. Make a post in Character Moderation, listing your character's active threads (with links) so that we can quickly and effectively clean them up, as well as any listings they were in: Quidditch, Clubs, etc. If you have written an application for something such as Quidditch, please save it, as we will not be sending them to you.
    4. If you wish to make a new character, you may do so once this list is complete and the character has been deleted.


    Mini-profile icons can be a maximum size of 250x400 px. We also allow signatures, but we don't recommend they go over 500x500 px. While we don't have control over this, we do ask that you please properly credit your signatures (and other codes, if necessary) to their proper makers; it makes everyone feel good inside. Please do not have any offensive content in your mini-profile or your signature. If another member finds it vulgar/offensive/triggering, an administrator will remove it and PM you the code/URL.


    Each professor has an account that has been pre-created by the staff, but are playable by members. Please see professor introductory threads in each Classroom to get a brief feel for the character, if you are interested in taking one. If you do decide to pick up a professor, PM Dumbledore's account, and we will tell you the password. You are free to change the password, but please keep the e-mail as is in case we need to access the account for any reason. Professor accounts are not counted toward the character limit as they are not actively RPed as much as students/graduates are. Professors are welcome to participate in threads as much as any other character, but are not required to do so. If you would like to simply mention interaction with a professor in a post, but do not require them to join, please treat the professor with respect. Contact the member who plays him/her and ask for their input, whether it be dialogue or actions. If no one has picked up the professor yet, please read their miniature bios in the Classrooms threads, and try to play them as they've been depicted.

    Professors are allowed to interrupt any thread or note thread occurring at Hogwarts. They can steal notes, they can break up fights, they can separate heavy snoggers, etc. Argus Filch and Peeves can also interrupt hallway threads, and they are also All-Access Accounts (meaning members may log in to either account at any time). However, we understand that there are plots that need to happen without interruption. Thus, we have the "Do Not Disturb" stamp that you may place in the first post of your thread. If it's there, then everyone knows the thread cannot be touched by outside influence.



    While Professors are not actively RPed, they do have the responsibility of classes. If you play one, every few OOC months (hopefully once every first or second month IC) a classroom thread should be set up. Posts in these threads can be shorter to keep it running smoothly. Every time a student posts in a classroom thread, they earn five points for their house. If they don't post, there is no penalty. Students can also earn house points by correctly answering questions asked by the Professor, or correctly performing a spell. On the same token, students may lose points by misbehaving. Upon completion of a classroom thread, Professors will post a final tally that details points earned and points lost by each house. Here at ISS, classes are handled a little differently, more for ease of posting than actual academic purposes: fourth and fifth years are grouped together for one class, as are sixth and seventh years. Each professor will state in the opening post with Houses and which Years are currently in that particular class.

    For first and second year, students take the following courses:
    • Astronomy
    • Charms
    • Defense Against the Dark Arts
    • Herbology
    • History of Magic
    • Potions
    • Transfiguration
    Once in third year, they have the ability to add a maximum of three of the following courses:
    • Ancient Runes
    • Arithmancy
    • Care of Magical Creatures
    • Divination
    • Muggle Studies

    Once students hit the sixth year, they have the opportunity to drop some courses. Your characters can drop any course they like (and it's also possible they might not have had high enough marks on the OWLs to make the NEWT-level course) but, if you know which career your character wishes to pursue, keep in mind they may need to keep some courses - even if they hate them. As well, two more classes have become available:
    • Alchemy
    • Apparition
    According to the books, Apparition lessons for sixth years begin in February. It is a twelve-week course and costs twelve Galleons to attend, and is located in the Great Hall. Any sixth year with a birthday before the end of the course may then take the exam. Any sort of splinching, no matter how small, is an automatic failure. For students who come of age after the course, they may take another Apparition exam during the summer.

    Duels and Fights

    Any student may duel another student in their own time. We do not mind duels at all for they are just like fights among public schools. They happen often and there is nothing you can do about it. But, keep in mind that if the students are caught by a teacher, severe punishment will ensue. Duel at your character's own risk. As well, do not god-mod or powerplay. If you write the opposing character's reaction in your post, you must obtain permission from your partner.

    Common Rooms

    Although inter-house unity is encouraged, please try to be realistic. A Ravenclaw won't be randomly exploring the Gryffindor common room; however, if a Gryffindor takes them into the common room with them, that's more likely. Remember, not all students know where the other houses' common rooms are. Also please remember Harry Potter canon: girls can visit boys' dorms, but stairs turn into slides if boys try to enter girls' dorms.

    Gringotts Wizarding Bank

    The most recent addition to ISS has been the creation of the Gringotts bank and the implementation of the Bookie system. When you create your character, you will see in their mini-profile that they will have a number of Galleons. These Galleons can be collected and used in the Gringotts Wizarding Bank to purchase items from the shop.
    • Characters. Yes, you can purchase your next character. If you wish to create a character (after your first three 'freebies'), but don't meet the thread requirements to do so, you can purchase him/her from the shop. To do so, buy the character, and then send the item to Professor Albus Dumbledore. Include in your message your alias and the name of the character you're purchasing.
    • Special Abilities. If you want Character A to be a Seer, but notice that the two spots are already filled, you can buy this Special Ability. Purchase the ability you want from the shop, send the item to Professor Albus Dumbledore, and include in your message the same form you would fill out with a regular application for a special ability. (See this thread for details.) We will update it as soon as we can.
    • House Points. You can choose between increments of five, ten, or twenty house points. Purchase the desired item and send it to Professor Albus Dumbledore. If desired, you can include an IC-reason, but please ensure it's realistic. We will update the house points as soon as possible.
    • You may transfer points from your other accounts to one account to purchase the additional character.
    • For Special Abilities, please purchase the items with the account for whom you want the changes to be made. For example, if you want Character A to have a Special Ability, purchase that particular item with Character A's account.
    You can earn Galleons in several ways:
    1. Post in full-length threads. Each post will earn you 15 Galleons. While we don't have a set word count, if your post reaches 400 words total (this includes coding), you will receive 15 Galleons. Think of it as an incentive to bulk up your posts just a little more.
    2. Use our Bookie system. Whenever a Quidditch game rolls around, you now have the ability to place bets on the outcome. Betting starts one week before the Quidditch match and ends the day before the game starts. How much you win depends on how much you placed on the outcome, though the maximum amount you can bet is ten (10) Galleons per character, per match.
    3. Take a Quiz. In the Gringotts Bank, you will see a link for Quizzes. Each quiz will have questions based on ISS and can earn you quite a few Galleons, depending on your score.
    4. Make Signatures. If you're talented with graphics and coding, you can open up a signature shop and 'charge' for your services. Please be reasonable: no one wants to pay 200 Galleons for a signature. To pay for a signature, click the 'Send Money' link in the bank's sidebar. From there, it's straight-forward.
    5. Earn an OTM. Each OTM your character wins will reward you with 20 Galleons. If the OTM goes to you as a player, the Galleons will be awarded to your parent account.

    The Bookie

    While we are not going to go into the details of how Quidditch is played in this particular thread (you may find the details themselves here), we will address the Bookie, as some members are unfamiliar with the concept and it closely ties in with Gringotts. The Bookie system is a fun way of making Quidditch both more exciting, especially for members without players, and more realistic and risky in terms of betting. Each time there is a Quidditch Match, a thread will be created in which you may easily place your bets on which team you wish to win. You may bet once per character, and no bets are to exceed ten (10) Galleons. For the sake of simplicity, all odds are kept at 2:1 - meaning if you bet 10 Galleons on House A, and House A wins, you will receive 20 Galleons. That amounts to a profit of 10 Galleons. In each thread, there is a table above the description where there are betting options. Please be careful when you bet on which team with which character you are. If you do bet on the wrong team, however, it is easily fixed. Looking at the table, if you bet in favour of House A but meant to bet in favour of House B, simply change the values in the "Staked" area of the table, and press "Place/Update Bets" below when you're done.

    Betting is both OOC and IC. Our IC story for the Bookie is that there is no large gambling ring, but it encompasses any bets that may occur pre-Quidditch matches. Say, for example, Character A just wanted to place a friendly bet with Character B that House A would win. That would fall under this Bookie system, even though it's something just between the two of them. Similarly, if a group of students wanted to place a bet through an IC Bookie (such as Ludovic Bagman), they can make up their own IC story for that, and the automatic Bookie system can handle the money for them. It is centralised in the automatic Bookie for everyone's convenience, but you are more than welcome to come up with your own IC story for betting if you wish. Professors are allowed to bet as well - though they are advised to do so discreetly. You are absolutely not required to bet, whether for OOC or IC reasons. Like everything else on ISS, it is all done in the name of fun. Unfortunately, matches are not rigged, so if you have a Seer/Diviner, we cannot tell you the outcome so you can bet properly.

    If you have any other questions concerning how ISS functions, feel free to ask them in this thread. All questions will be answered as soon as possible.

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